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Sep 17, 2018Overcoming God Gen­e­sis 32:24-31 is the day Ja­cob died and Is­rael took his first breath. There are many, many things to say about this pas­sage. We could for ex­am­ple ask our­selves as we read, “Have I wres­tled with God and won?” Or we could talk about how Is­ra...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Jul 30, 2018Names That Fade Small hand in big hand, Joel walks down the street wear­ing his fa­ther’s left palm like an over­sized mit­ten. Al­ready a mas­ter at dodg­ing the large dan­ger­ous chasms in the side walk, Joel’s eyes be­gin to wan­der in search for some­thing in­ter­est­...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Women By The Well
What Jesus Learned
Freedom From Fences
From Prodigal To Son
Apr 25, 2018The Vinedresser In John 15 Je­sus in­structs us on how to be His dis­ci­ples. He be­gins by say­ing, “I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er.” So far we have shown that the roots of dis­ci­ple­ship are an­chored high far be­yond the heav­ens in The Holy Tr...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Apr 12, 2018Rules for Sanding Wood Af­ter I grad­u­at­ed col­lege, I moved from my child­hood home to a place where I could count how many peo­ple I knew on one hand. I was Miss In­de­pen­dent. I moved into an apart­ment and start­ing scav­eng­ing the in­ter­net for deals on fur­ni­ture. I ...Kearsten HendershottKearsten Hendershott
Apr 12, 2018Hide and Seek When I was younger, I re­mem­ber one time specif­i­cal­ly that I got in trou­ble while I was be­ing babysat. I was a prod­uct of 1990’s car­toons and want­ed to see if slip­ping on a ba­nana peel ac­tu­al­ly worked. I put one by my sis­ter when she was pra...Kearsten HendershottKearsten Hendershott
Apr 12, 2018Holy Love In The Wid­ow’s Oil, our last ar­ti­cle about dis­ci­ple­ship, I said that Je­sus re­vealed The Holy Trin­i­ty when He said, “I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er.” I only hint­ed at the ex­pla­na­tion which will be com­plet­ed in this ar...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Apr 2, 2018The Widow's Oil I do not know how Je­sus did it. Hun­dreds, He per­formed hun­dreds, maybe thou­sands of mir­a­cles while He walked the earth. Yet His Word in John 15:1 is the most Mirac­u­lous. “I Am The True Vine ...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Mar 27, 2018The True Vine Rays of light care­ful­ly craft­ed to pierce the dark­ness of any sor­row, the words of Je­sus in John 15:1-3 are Bril­liant and Strong. With the Almighty Pa­tience of The Eter­nal God and the pas­sion­ate brevi­ty of a Man about to die, Je­sus Christ ...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Mar 15, 2018A Disciple Is Have you ever seen a paint­ing or a draw­ing? If you were to com­pare the paint­ing and pho­to­graph of the same same scene, you will no­tice that the artist “for­gets” to paint cer­tain de­tails and adds oth­er de­tails that aren’t present in the pho­to­g...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
Mar 6, 2018A Disciple Is Not There is a great book by a broth­er in whose fam­i­ly I do not de­serve to be­long called The Cost of Dis­ci­ple­ship. The book lays out what we eas­i­ly for­get as The Church of Je­sus Christ: the cost of dis­ci­ple­ship is de­nial of one­self so that I c...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
More The Mechanics of PrayerIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 20, 2018my God, my GodIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 19, 2018Mover of mountains and Lord of valleysIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 17, 2018From Dry Bones to BattleKearsten HendershottFeb 17, 2018How to Stop The RainIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 15, 2018How To Feed Five ThousandIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 10, 2018The Best Wedding is a FuneralIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 5, 2018Orange Crocodiles and Bat CavesIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 1, 2018How To FearIfeoluwapo EleyinafeJan 20, 2017Sufficient GraceIfeoluwapo EleyinafeOct 31, 2016the gods that go before usIfeoluwapo EleyinafeOct 27, 2016Where Is My Light?Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeSep 17, 2016The Perfect SacrificeIfeoluwapo EleyinafeApr 11, 2016Adopting The LambIfeoluwapo EleyinafeApr 7, 2016A Perfect ManIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMar 30, 2016The Father's PursuitIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMar 15, 2016Coming HomeIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMar 5, 2016Moving InIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 29, 2016The Wealth Of The FatherIfeoluwapo EleyinafeFeb 2, 2016Love From The CommandIfeoluwapo EleyinafeJan 31, 2016Knowledge and IgnoranceIfeoluwapo EleyinafeSep 6, 2015How to Live a Perfect LifeIfeoluwapo EleyinafeSep 4, 2015Basic WorshipIfeoluwapo EleyinafeSep 4, 2015Bare-ly WorshipIfeoluwapo EleyinafeSep 2, 2015True Religion, True WorshipIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 27, 2015Hagar In The DesertIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 14, 2015Liberty or Law, Samaritan or JewIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 14, 2015A Sip To Make You ThirstyIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 14, 2015Into The Desert By Way of SpringsIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 12, 2015Christian, Culture, RacismIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 9, 2015Returning Through ExileIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 6, 2015Community Through ExileIfeoluwapo EleyinafeAug 1, 2015The Double DangerIfeoluwapo EleyinafeJul 31, 2015An Echo Of EternityIfeoluwapo EleyinafeJul 29, 2015Freedom From FencesIfeoluwapo EleyinafeJul 13, 2015The Path of ObedienceIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 27, 2015Jesus was made PerfectIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 26, 2015Jesus Learned ObedienceIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 25, 2015New or RefurbishedIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 23, 2015Dying into LifeIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 22, 2015Made Good By Doing BadIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 18, 2015A Blessing From The CurseIfeoluwapo EleyinafeMay 18, 2015

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