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As pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed, the il­lu­sion of new­ness can be dis­pelled and by read­ing God’s Es­cha­tol­ogy, false es­cha­tolo­gies are eas­i­ly ex­posed. The more dif­fi­cult task is ex­cis­ing our sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to the de­cep­tion of ide­olo­gies. Let us be­gin by con­sid­er­ing the stat­ed goal of fem­i­nism: to bring greater har­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty by pro­mot­ing equal­i­ty be­tween men and women. With­in the church, every re­gen­er­at­ed mind wants to agree with this goal. It is true that there is dishar­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty and it is true that men of­ten treat women un­right­eous­ly. It seems rea­son­able to say that things would be bet­ter if men and women were at peace with each oth­er. So when we hear that this vague word “equal­i­ty” is a means of achiev­ing this peace, we are tempt­ed to pur­sue it.

Now the mis­take be­ing made here is deeply sub­tle. When any­one claims that “xyz” can bring har­mo­ny be­tween men and women, they are pre­sum­ing to know what a man and woman is. On the foun­da­tion of this pre­sump­tion, a so­lu­tion is con­coct­ed. By study­ing the pro­posed so­lu­tion, you can par­tial­ly de­ter­mine what the ide­ol­o­gy thinks of men and women. For ex­am­ple, com­mu­nism says there can only be peace when all peo­ple are equal by own­ing all the same things. This im­plies that com­mu­nism be­lieves that peo­ple are no more than the sum of their pos­ses­sions. Cap­i­tal­ism says there can only be peace when peo­ple are al­lowed to freely pur­sue their self­ish­ness. Ob­vi­ous­ly, cap­i­tal­ism be­lieves that peo­ple are fun­da­men­tal­ly self­ish.

So when fem­i­nism pro­pos­es peace by mak­ing men and women equal, we must ask what does fem­i­nism think men and women are? Let us pause for a sec­ond to con­sid­er what equal­i­ty means. At best, equal­i­ty must mean equal in val­ue. At best, fem­i­nism aims at mak­ing men and women equal in val­ue with­in the so­ci­ety. Now we see that fem­i­nism only in­ter­acts with men and women ac­cord­ing to their val­ue. This is why fem­i­nism has been called so­cial com­mu­nism. How­ev­er, when we look back, we see that racism, aryanism, cap­i­tal­ism are also do­ing the ex­act same thing. False ide­olo­gies look at men and women, evaluate them and then be­gin to make pro­pos­als based that evaluation.

The Lev­el­ing Plague

Sounds sim­ple right and even in­nocu­ous. Yet the hum­ble Chris­t­ian, who does not rush blind­ly, but re­turns like the Bere­an to the Bible will even­tu­al­ly see the lie of omis­sion, the neg­a­tive space swirling like a mael­strom, aim­ing to make tiny this big loud word called val­ue! How, just how, do you mea­sure the val­ue of a man or the val­ue of a woman? Did you make them? And if you can mea­sure their val­ue, how would you now go about mak­ing them equal in val­ue? In­tel­li­gent econ­o­mists fluc­tu­ate on how to de­ter­mine the val­ue of inan­i­mate goods1 but some­how we can now de­ter­mine the val­ue of a liv­ing, breath­ing, think­ing, feel­ing man or a woman.

There is only one way to do this evil thing. You have to strip liv­ing, breath­ing peo­ple of their hu­man­i­ty. You have to sell men and women into the slav­ery of quan­tifi­ca­tion so that they can ac­quire a val­ue. Only af­ter mak­ing them less than they are in or­der to “val­ue” them can you now be­gin the more grue­some and gory task of mak­ing them equal in val­ue. And if, for what­ev­er rea­son, they don’t fit in the val­ue box, you must cut off their arms!2 This de­scrip­tion is in­suf­fi­cient­ly graph­ic. You can find more ac­cu­rate de­scrip­tions of what was done and is be­ing done to peo­ple by read­ing about the cap­i­tal­ist sex/slave trade, the holo­caust, the com­mu­nist gu­lags and “abort­ed” ba­bies.

But again, as Solomon re­vealed, this thing of valu­ing hu­man be­ings, of trun­cat­ing and mas­sacring the in­ef­fa­ble so that it might be con­fined with­in the space of a num­ber, is not new. David did it in 2 Samuel 24:1-4, 15-16 and God brought a plague upon Is­rael that killed about 70,000 peo­ple. Racism, trib­al­ism, chau­vin­ism, aryanism, fas­cism, com­mu­nism, cap­i­tal­ism, fem­i­nism and every oth­er false ide­ol­o­gy all con­tin­ue to do this evil thing. Bil­lions have died and many more will die as a re­sult.

Holy Val­u­a­tion

The geno­cides caused by un­holy val­u­a­tions are all the more heinous be­cause God Gives a law to teach us how to val­ue peo­ple.

Ex­o­dus 30:11 The LORD said to Moses, 12 “When you take the cen­sus of the peo­ple of Is­rael, then each shall give a ran­som for his life to the LORD when you num­ber them, that there be no plague among them when you num­ber them. 13 Each one who is num­bered in the cen­sus shall give this: half a shekel ac­cord­ing to the shekel of the sanc­tu­ary (the shekel is twen­ty ger­ahs), half a shekel as an of­fer­ing to the LORD. 14 Every­one who is num­bered in the cen­sus, from twen­ty years old and up­ward, shall give the LORD’s of­fer­ing. 15 The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less, than the half shekel, when you give the LORD’s of­fer­ing to make atone­ment for your lives. 16 You shall take the atone­ment mon­ey from the peo­ple of Is­rael and shall give it for the ser­vice of the tent of meet­ing, that it may bring the peo­ple of Is­rael to re­mem­brance be­fore the LORD, so as to make atone­ment for your lives.”

This com­mand is beau­ti­ful for many rea­sons. One of the most ba­sic forms of val­u­a­tion is the sim­ple count­ing of in­di­vid­u­als called a cen­sus. God Com­mand­ed that at every cen­sus, any­one num­bered has to give an of­fer­ing to the tem­ple as atone­ment so that a plague would not come upon Is­rael. And so we learn from God that the process of valu­ing peo­ple is dead­ly and de­struc­tive, not only to the per­son be­ing count­ed, but also to every­one in the com­mu­ni­ty. Eval­u­a­tion al­ways brings a plague(com­mu­ni­ca­ble, in­fec­tious) upon the peo­ple be­ing eval­u­at­ed ... un­less each per­son can make atone­ment be­fore God for their lives. 70,000 peo­ple died dur­ing David’s cen­sus be­cause the peo­ple did not make atone­ment. The po­ten­tial con­se­quences of valu­ing peo­ple wrong­ly cou­pled with the cost of the atone­ment will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly make a leader less like­ly to take a cen­sus. How­ev­er, if a na­tion does de­cide to count its peo­ple, the act of atone­ment forces the na­tion to humbly bow be­fore God in­stead of boast­ing in pride of their great num­bers.

Look at the of­fer­ing God De­mand­ed. It was the same for all. It was the same for the rich and for the poor, the young and the old; The Same Atone­ment for all. In Ex­o­dus and every­where else in the Bible, peo­ple, men, women, greek, jew, free, slave, child, aged are deemed equal in val­ue, not by a man-gen­er­at­ed num­ber, but by The Atone­ment of Je­sus Christ. Chris­t­ian, lis­ten! God Re­minds you way, way back in Ex­o­dus, that when you en­deav­or to val­ue peo­ple even by count­ing them, you must do two things: 1 You must re­mem­ber God Who Made them and their sin against Him. 2You must re­mem­ber Je­sus Christ Who Died for them; that their lives are Worth His Own. To tru­ly val­ue peo­ple you need not dis­cov­er some econ­o­mist’s mag­i­cal equa­tion nor do you need to cre­ate a bet­ter means of ger­ry­man­der­ing. All you need to do is en­sure that any means of val­u­a­tion you choose is cen­tered around: 1 God’s Wrath on our sin and 2 The Worth of Je­sus Christ and His Sac­ri­fice To Atone for our sins.

The process and con­se­quences of holy val­u­a­tion is ap­plic­a­ble to every sit­u­a­tion where any­thing or any­one is be­ing val­ued. When a teacher grades a stu­dent or eval­u­ates them, he must re­mem­ber that they are sin­ful un­der God’s Wrath and he must also re­mem­ber that Je­sus Christ Atones for their sins be­cause He Died for them. A stu­dent will not look at her A or F and there­by be­come pride­ful or con­sid­er sui­cide. She will look at her sin against God in Heav­en and ask Him to Re­mem­ber her Atone­ment, Je­sus Christ on The Cross. When a hus­band looks at his wife or con­sid­ers how to raise his chil­dren, he must not val­ue them based on how beau­ti­ful they are or how well be­haved. No. He must first con­sid­er that they are sin­ners and then he must look at The Worth of Je­sus Christ Who Died to Atone for their sins. This will save his fam­i­ly from the plague of di­vorce since he will val­ue her ac­cord­ing to the worth of Je­sus Christ and con­tin­ue to love her deeply even when she “makes him an­gry”. He won’t be­lieve his chil­dren are “okay”. He will im­mu­nize his chil­dren against the plague of un­god­li­ness by con­tin­u­ing to teach them to fear God even though they don’t drink or do drugs.

What Shall we do

But when holy val­u­a­tion is not fol­lowed then you see teach­ers think­ing stu­dents are worth­less, stu­dents think­ing them­selves as wor­thy as their grades and ac­com­plish­ments and men judg­ing their wives by what she can “do for them”. Be­cause of the way they val­ue men and women, racism says one group is su­pe­ri­or to an­oth­er, aryans hate Jews, cap­i­tal­ists sniff at wel­fare and fem­i­nism sup­ports abor­tion. It would be pro­lix and coun­ter­pro­duc­tive to crit­i­cize every sin­gle ide­ol­o­gy in or­der to con­clude that skin col­or or wealth or eth­nic­i­ty or gen­der etc are poor ways of de­cid­ing a per­son’s val­ue. It is far bet­ter to un­der­stand that any ide­ol­o­gy or po­lit­i­cal sys­tem be­comes false by fail­ing to val­ue men and women ac­cord­ing to The Wrath of God on our sins and The Holy Worth of Je­sus Christ Who Atones for our sins. Any ide­ol­o­gy or po­lit­i­cal sys­tem that fails to do these two things is false and nec­es­sar­i­ly brings plague and death upon the very peo­ple that came to it for sal­va­tion.3

So if you wish to be able to iden­ti­fy a false ide­ol­o­gy or false prophe­cy, read Gen­e­sis 1-3 over and over and over and then do it again. Then, you will be able to rec­og­nize any false prophe­cy or ide­ol­o­gy by their si­lence. Lis­ten for the si­lence amidst the noise telling you the val­ue of a man or a woman or an un­born baby or your val­ue ... be­cause of your vote or bank ac­count. Con­tin­ue lis­ten­ing for the si­lence as they ca­coph­o­nate about how you can live your best life now or how their god wants you to be pros­per­ous while iron­i­cal­ly quot­ing Bible vers­es from prophets who suf­fered as they died. Amidst all these loud noisy lies can you now hear Whom they are silent about?

False ide­olo­gies and false prophe­cies will not speak God’s Word about His Wrath on your sin and/or The Holy Worth of Je­sus Christ and His Atone­ment for your sin. They will not speak to you the whole coun­sel of God’s Word. In­stead, like the dev­il in Eden, they will use words, even steal­ing God’s Word Matthew 4:6, to paint you a fu­ture that leaves God out by mak­ing you god. They will im­ply or say, “You don’t need God. Eat this fruit and you shall be like God. You’re al­ready a god. Just speak it into ex­is­tence cause you know there’s pow­er in the tongue.”4 And once you hear this ca­coph­o­ny try­ing to drown out God’s Word, do like Je­sus The Christ and flee to God. Es­cape in Christ from com­ing Wrath of The Lamb. Be­gin to do like Paul. Stop valu­ing peo­ple ac­cord­ing to the flesh2 Corinthi­ans 5:16. Con­sid­er and praise God in Heav­en that Je­sus Christ Died for their sins1 Corinthi­ans 2:2 and love them ac­cord­ing­ly.

True Worship:
Our goal in this se­ries of ar­ti­cles is to pro­vide gen­er­al pat­terns fol­lowed by false prophe­cies so that you can more eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy them. In the process, we will learn how to pro­tect our souls, our chil­dren and the church from their dead­ly in­flu­ence. The Bible Right­ly Calls false prophets wa­ter­less clouds Jude 1:12, 2 Pe­ter 2:17. The Voice of God Is Deep Thun­der John 12:29, Ex­o­dus 20:18-19 and His Elo­quence Is Glo­ri­ous Rain Isa­iah 55:1, 10-11. But from the mouths of false prophets and an­tichrists come only loud noise and dry rain and their evil words pool in emp­ty wells called ide­olo­gies.De­ceived by the il­lu­sion of wa­tery depths, we lis­ten dili­gent­ly to these shal­low fa­bles only to be filled with even greater thirst. For here is the great se­cret of ide­olo­gies: they are more prop­er­ly called idol
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“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” - Colossians 2:3

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