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I do not know how Je­sus did it. Hun­dreds, He per­formed hun­dreds, maybe thou­sands of mir­a­cles while He walked the earth. Yet His Word in John 15:1 is the most Mirac­u­lous. “I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine Dress­er.” A short sen­tence. An Eter­ni­ty of mean­ing. Thou­sands of years ear­li­er in Ex­o­dus 3:14 God told Moses His Name. “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Say this to the peo­ple of Is­rael: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’” Thou­sands of years lat­er, stir­ring up dust as He walked with His dis­ci­ples, Je­sus Christ, our Burn­ing Bush, not only re­veals Him­self but also Names The Holy Trin­i­ty.


“I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er.” In the same breath, in the same sen­tence, im­me­di­ate­ly af­ter de­clar­ing Him­self to be The True Vine, He de­clares His Fa­ther. Not only this. Je­sus says "and" My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er. This “and” cou­ples and in­ter­re­lates the two sides of the sen­tence. You can­not sep­a­rate Him from His Fa­ther. You can­not sep­a­rate The True Vine from The Vine­dress­er. You can­not sep­a­rate I AM from My Fa­ther IS. What is a wife with­out her hus­band? What is a farmer with­out the land? What is man with­out the earth? But these analo­gies all fail to de­scribe how in­tri­cate­ly this “and” in­ter­twines Je­sus The Son and God The Fa­ther.

And yet, even while us­ing a sin­gle “and” to de­clare that He has the same na­ture as God The Fa­ther, His feet are busy mor­ti­fy­ing His Words. With every step, with every puff of arid dust, Je­sus lays down equal­i­ty and takes up hu­mil­i­ty. He is walk­ing to the cross. By obey­ing His Fa­ther John 14:31, He is let­ting go of equal­i­ty with God Philip­pi­ans 2:6-8. He hum­bles Him­self to death, even death on the cross. And even by this Je­sus Proves Him­self to be God. Only God Is Hum­ble. Though hum­ble in heart, Moses, David, Eli­jah were all pride­ful sin­ful men. Only God The Son can deny Him­self, take up His Cross and fol­low The Fa­ther Matthew 16:24.

My Fa­ther

“I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er.” Joseph is dead. Je­sus be­gins the sen­tence talk­ing about Him­self. Then He pro­ceeds im­me­di­ate­ly to in­tro­duc­ing His Fa­ther, God in Heav­en. Let us no­tice a few things Je­sus does NOT do. He does NOT in­tro­duce God as The God of Abra­ham, Isaac and Ja­cob. He does not in­tro­duce God by His great deeds or by His won­der­ful cre­ation. He doesn’t say, "The Vine­dress­er is My Fa­ther.” He doesn’t say, “The God of Abra­ham, Is­sac and Ja­cob also hap­pens to be My Fa­ther.” No. He says, "My Fa­ther ... Is The Vine­dress­er”. He de­clares His Re­la­tion­ship to God first. It is ana­log­i­cal to a boy say­ing, “You may know him as CEO of your com­pa­ny. But he is my dad­dy first.” If God were a man, it would be as if Je­sus was say­ing to His friends, “He’s My Fa­ther First and He Is Almighty, Cre­ator, God of Abra­ham, Isaac and Ja­cob.”

Greater than the dou­ble bless­ing on El­isha who saw Eli­jah as­cend is the bless­ing that falls upon the one who can hear Je­sus say­ing “My Fa­ther”. Any­one who hears Him ex­pe­ri­ences a spir­i­tu­al and re­li­gious earth­quake of eter­nal mag­ni­tude. A less­er tec­ton­ic shift oc­curred when God Named Him­self Je­ho­vah in Ex­o­dus 6:3. “I ap­peared to Abra­ham, to Isaac and to Ja­cob as God Almighty(El Shad­dai) but by my name the LORD(Je­ho­vah), I did not make my­self known to them.” [paren­the­ses added] As we con­tin­ue read­ing the chap­ter, we dis­cov­er that He Named Him­self for the pur­pose of es­tab­lish­ing a covenant, claim­ing Is­rael as His Own and con­vinc­ing them that He Would Free them from Pharaoh.

In John 15:1, Je­sus Names God, “My Fa­ther”.

There are many who know God as Judge, as Cre­ator or as God of Abra­ham, Isaac and Ja­cob. There are many who only know God as The God of their moth­er or fa­ther. Je­sus Names God, “My Fa­ther”. Even if you think you al­ready know God, Je­sus in­tro­duces God to us through His Re­la­tion­ship with God. He de­clares Him­self again to be The Way, be­tween us and God, His Fa­ther. No one meets His Fa­ther un­less Je­sus does the In­tro­duc­tion. All who thought they knew God only tru­ly meet Him through Je­sus Christ.

And as be­fore, the Rev­e­la­tion of God’s Name comes with a new covenant. When Is­rael met Je­ho­vah God, they be­came His peo­ple ran­somed from Pharaoh. Only those whom Je­sus in­tro­duces to His Fa­ther be­come His Fa­ther’s sons ran­somed from sin and death. That is the se­cret of Chris­tian­i­ty. That is the se­cret of John 14:6. To­day many are fond of say­ing, “There are many ways to God.” They are ly­ing. How­ev­er, even those pi­ous in their self-de­cep­tion would nev­er dream of what Je­sus is say­ing here. When Je­sus Names God “My Fa­ther”, He is re­veal­ing that no mat­ter how re­li­gious you are, you are NOT His son. Go on. Try to find an­oth­er way to God. But by none of them will you be­come His son. It is only through the Son that we meet His Fa­ther. It is from the Son, by the pow­er of the Holy Spir­it, that we be­come and learn to be sons of God The Fa­ther John 1:12.

The Wid­ow’s Oil

But what about the old covenant by which Is­rael was freed from Egypt? What about all the oth­er names God had re­vealed? They are not ob­so­lete. In­stead, they have been ful­filled in Je­sus Christ, God’s Son, Who Names God “My Fa­ther”. Like the wid­ow’s small jar of oil from which many many jars were mirac­u­lous­ly filled 1 Kings 17:16, 2 Kings 4:2-5, it is from His Name Fa­ther that all His Oth­er Names are ful­filled. By know­ing God The Fa­ther through Je­sus Christ, you will know that He Is Almighty. You will fi­nal­ly un­der­stand His Covenant with Abra­ham, Isaac and Ja­cob. Have you ever no­ticed in the Bible just how many names peo­ple give God and God Gives Him­self? Come to Je­sus. Let Je­sus in­tro­duce you to God His Fa­ther. Very quick­ly, like Moses or Ha­gar or Anna, you will find your­self giv­ing God an­oth­er true name. For like the wid­ow’s jar of oil, His Name Fa­ther nev­er runs dry.

But you can only know God through Je­sus Christ. He Is The Way. Not a way among many. By Nam­ing God, "My Fa­ther,” Je­sus claims an Ex­clu­sive Re­la­tion­ship with God. And this makes, even earth­ly, sense. What earth­ly fa­ther will love you if you ig­nore or hate his son? God in Heav­en will refuse all who refuse Je­sus Christ, His Son. How­ev­er, if Je­sus Knows and Be­friends you, He Will In­tro­duce you to God His Fa­ther. He Who in­tro­duces you to His Fa­ther is teach­ing you how to be God’s son. There­fore, Je­sus says to you to­day, “Come to Me. Let Me in­tro­duce you to God, My Fa­ther.”

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