Step 5

pray for insight

So far we have prayed, opened The Bible to choose a pas­sage and sum­ma­rized the pas­sage we read. Then we used our imag­i­na­tion to make-be­lieve and sud­den­ly, we came alive in the pas­sage. But now, with The Word a new world, we are at an im­passe. We have seen and heard, touched and felt, but the mean­ing of His Word may not yet be clear.

What then is mean­ing and how do you find it? Well, as we said ear­li­er, you can only know what some­one means when you grasp their mind through what they said. There­fore, if you want to know the mean­ing of God’s Word, you have to grasp His Mind through His Word. Yet in Isa­iah 55:8, The Lord De­clares, “my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways”. This means that on your own, you can­not think God’s Thoughts. You can only think God’s Thoughts with God’s Help.

So when we want to know the mean­ing of God’s Word, we can­not put our trust in means or meth­ods. In­stead, even as we la­bor to un­der­stand, we must con­stant­ly go to God and ask Him to help us think His Thoughts.

So let us go again to The God of Joseph Who Is Able to Give us both The Word and The Mean­ing. Try pray­ing with these words: “Fa­ther, please give me un­der­stand­ing of Your Word by Your Holy Spir­it.”


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“… for from the first day that you set your heart to under­stand and hum­bled your­self before your God, your words have been heard …”
- Daniel 10:12

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