April 15, 2020The Sovereign GodIn our last chap­ter, we dis­cussed how ide­olo­gies are emer­gent prop­er­ties of sin and sin­ful­ness. As for how sin en­tered into the world, not more can be said than, “Sin en­tered into the world by sin.” We know that be­cause of our sin, God Pun­ish­es us with evil by With­draw­ing His good­ness from us. And yet, in His Mer­cy, God Min­is­ters good­ness to all and Re­strains our mad­ness to keep us from be­ing con­sumed in evil Gen­e­sis 20:6, Deuteron­o­my 18:14. There­fore, chil­dren still laugh, the sun still shines and there is still fel­low­ship among peo­ple. This Grace by Which God Re­strains and Bless­es the world is known col­lec­tive­ly as Com­mon Grace. With­out His Grace, Adam would have been child­less or his chil­dren would have al­ready plunged the world into the dark­est hell.The pre­vi­ous para­graph and as­so­ci­at­ed chap­ter is only dif­fi­cult to ac­cept when we are blind­ed to God’s Word by our im­age of God. Un­til we re­pent of mak­ing Him...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
March 26, 2020night from the swarmThis se­ries of ar­ti­cles be­gan like an ide­o­log­i­cal tax­on­o­my. We ex­am­ined macro­scop­ic char­ac­ter­is­tics unique to false prophe­cies and ide­olo­gies so that their false­ness might be eas­i­ly iden­ti­fied. We then placed these false ide­olo­gies un­der a mi­cro­scope to de­mon­strate the in­di­vid­ual atoms of moral­i­ty com­pos­ing them. Armed with knowl­edge of these in­vari­ants, it should now be eas­i­er to iden­ti­fy false ide­olo­gies and de­vel­op strate­gies to es­cape their grasp. For ex­am­ple, by con­stant­ly re­mem­ber­ing that all hu­man be­ings must be val­ued ac­cord­ing to Christ’s Atone­ment for their sins, you eas­i­ly avoid ide­olo­gies en­cour­ag­ing you to re­duce men and women to noth­ing more than their mon­ey, or col­or or gen­der.Yet this knowl­edge serves only to de­fend the mind and per­haps oc­ca­sion­al­ly ri­poste ide­o­log­i­cal rhetoric. To tru­ly cast down these false imag­i­na­tions and high...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
March 3, 2020the face of your deceiverIs there more to say than what God Has Said? Is there more to do than mar­vel at His Grace? All we can do is ap­ply The Gospel of God, The Balm of Gilead to our lives that our eyes might be opened and we might see.Cracks in the wall­False ide­olo­gies, ly­ing about the fu­ture and the past, claim that they are new. By fail­ing to ac­knowl­edge your sins and Je­sus Christ Who Died for your sins, they de­val­ue and mis­val­ue you and all hu­man be­ings. But like the frog who rode the scor­pi­on, we should not be sur­prised when false ide­olo­gies lie to us. They ab­solute­ly must ut­ter false proph­e­sies and must de­val­ue hu­man be­ings. They can­not help but act ac­cord­ing to the evil moral­i­ties from which they are made; ac­cord­ing to their cre­ator’s self­ish knowl­edge of good and evil. Yet The Bible re­veals that things and peo­ple are not good or evil be­cause they help or harm­Gen­e­sis 3:6. Good­ness is an in­trin­sic qual­i­ty Be­stowed by God through His Re­la­tion...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” - Colossians 2:3