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Our goal in this se­ries of ar­ti­cles is to pro­vide gen­er­al pat­terns fol­lowed by false prophe­cies so that you can more eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy them. In the process, we will learn how to pro­tect our souls, our chil­dren and the church from their dead­ly in­flu­ence. The Bible Right­ly Calls false prophets1 wa­ter­less clouds Jude 1:12, 2 Pe­ter 2:17. The Voice of God Is Deep Thun­der John 12:29, Ex­o­dus 20:18-19 and His Elo­quence Is Glo­ri­ous Rain Isa­iah 55:1, 10-11. But from the mouths of false prophets and an­tichrists come only loud noise and dry rain and their evil words pool in emp­ty wells called ide­olo­gies.

De­ceived by the il­lu­sion of wa­tery depths, we lis­ten dili­gent­ly to these shal­low fa­bles only to be filled with even greater thirst. For here is the great se­cret of ide­olo­gies: they are more prop­er­ly called idol­o­gies. They are idols we make from fall­en words. Un­like The Liv­ing Word Who Feeds your soul, these idol­o­gies have no pow­er un­til you pour out your soul upon them. And so we sit by the wa­ters of Baby­lon, slow­ly be­ing drained into undy­ing thirst. Trag­i­cal­ly, the church of Je­sus Christ, the beau­ti­ful bride, al­though im­mune, has been pierced with many sor­rows by these evil words. Many Holy re­gen­er­at­ed be­liev­ers have suc­cumbed to false ide­olo­gies and there­by deny His body The Liv­ing Wa­ter Matthew 10:42. May God For His Son By His Spir­it Save His Own.

Old Idols

False prophe­cies come in many shapes and sizes. They range from base ideas like “you’ve got to look out for num­ber one” to more lofty fares like “judeo-chris­t­ian val­ues”Col 2:23. They are also here­sies like lib­er­a­tion the­ol­o­gy or the pros­per­i­ty gospel but can also be com­plex cults like je­ho­vah wit­ness­es or mor­monism Col 2:18-19. For the sake recog­ni­tion, you can of­ten iden­ti­fy an ide­ol­o­gy be­cause their names usu­al­ly end in an -ism e.g. racism, com­mu­nism, cap­i­tal­ism and so on. Un­der a steady bar­rage of these -isms, hun­dreds of mil­lions have been killed in the pre­vi­ous cen­tu­ry alone. Among the most promi­nent right now is this thing we cur­rent­ly call fem­i­nism.2 While fem­i­nism is not the fo­cus of these ar­ti­cles, the tools we ac­quire in its dis­sec­tion will help us learn to think bib­li­cal­ly about all false prophe­cies and false ide­olo­gies.

Gear­ing up to de­mol­ish any one of these ide­olo­gies can seem hard enough. The task of over­com­ing them all seems im­pos­si­ble. How­ev­er, al­though these vices seem many and var­ied, they are in re­al­i­ty mere­ly le­gionMark 5:9. They are eas­i­ly cast out, through prayer and fast­ing, with a sin­gle word. These ide­olo­gies are noth­ing more than du­pli­ca­tions of the dev­il tempt­ing man. There­fore, in or­der to be ef­fec­tive, a false prophet must first cloak her ide­ol­o­gy in the il­lu­sion of new­ness and fresh­ness or old­ness and sta­bil­i­ty. He must, through his procla­ma­tion, make the vices glit­ter false­ly, make them sing like morn­ing stars though they ex­plod­ed into dust long long ago.Rev­e­la­tion 12:7-9

This il­lu­sion of new­ness ap­peals to the heart of men. As a race we are phys­i­o­log­i­cal­ly and psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly ad­dict­ed to the new. The young are swayed by it and the old, tooth­less and weak, are for­ev­er long­ing for that first hit. Yet when a be­liev­er vis­its the house of mourn­ing, the church of Je­sus Christ, and lis­tens to SolomonEc­cle­si­astes 1:9-11, 7:2-4, this ad­dic­tion, this il­lu­sion is eas­i­ly dis­pelled. There is great pro­tec­tion in know­ing and be­liev­ing God Who Says, “There is noth­ing new un­der the sun.“Ec­cle­si­astes 1:9 Un­til He Makes the heav­en and earth pass away, every­thing un­der the sun is to­day was yes­ter­day and will be to­mor­row. Any claim of new­ness is there­fore a farce. And when the be­liev­er hears The Word Of God, the wine is mirac­u­lous­ly trans­formed into bit­ter gall, the deca­dent par­ty into an in­fir­mary and all the singing into the wail­ing of the sick and dy­ing. There, alone with our tears and God­ly sor­row, our hearts are made glad Ec­cle­si­astes 7:3 in the hope of our com­ing Lord.

So be wary of any­thing that gives even the faintest im­pres­sion of be­ing new. None of the ide­olo­gies as­sail­ing us to­day are new. None of them are apogees or apoth­e­o­ses. We do not by their dark­ness ad­vance be­yond the graves they dug for those who came be­fore us. These ide­olo­gies are, in fact, the same idols carved by the flight of Adam from God’s Pres­ence. Peer through their il­lu­sion of new­ness by read­ing God’s Word. Learn and un­der­stand how all false ide­olo­gies, in con­tent and struc­ture, are du­pli­ca­tions of man’s temp­ta­tion by the dev­il in Eden.

False Es­cha­tolo­gies

The il­lu­sion of new­ness is wo­ven from the fab­ric of false promis­es. For ex­am­ple, fem­i­nism false­ly promis­es to bring greater har­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty by pro­mot­ing equal­i­ty among men and women.3 This idea of uni­ty through equal­i­ty sounds in­nocu­ous and even mirac­u­lous. But it is, in truth, as sin­ful as turn­ing stones into bread Matthew 4:3-4. Think cau­tious­ly and you will dis­cov­er, that just like every false ide­ol­o­gy, the means and ends to this “mir­a­cle” are echoes of the first temp­ta­tion Gen­e­sis 3:5; fac­sim­i­les of the lie that we can be­come like God by dis­obey­ing God, steal­ing from God and killing God.

Look again at the stat­ed goals of fem­i­nism: To bring greater har­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty by pro­mot­ing equal­i­ty be­tween men and women. This is a state­ment about the fu­ture. It is prophe­cy about the end of our cur­rent age (an age, I guess, of in­equal­i­ty) and the ush­er­ing in of a new one (where all are equal?). State­ments about the fu­ture like this are called es­cha­tolo­gies. In the Bible, there is only one es­cha­tol­ogy re­peat­ed anew from the mouth of every prophet as far back as Enoch. A day is com­ing when God Will Make all things new.Rev­e­la­tion 21:5 He Will Come with many an­gels to De­stroy evil and all who are evil in hell for all eter­ni­ty.Jude 1:14-15 He Will Make the heav­en and the earth pass way and bring about new heav­ens and a new earth.Rev­e­la­tion 21:1 All the men and women who be­lieve in Je­sus Christ, The Son of God Who Is God,Rev­e­la­tion 4:7-11, Rev­e­la­tion 5:11-14 will live in the new Jerusalem Rev­e­la­tion 21:2 where the wa­ter of life flow­ing Ezekiel 47:1, Rev­e­la­tion 22:1 from the throne of God will bring life and heal­ing to all na­tions.Ezekiel 47:8-12, Rev­e­la­tion 22:2 This is God’s True Es­cha­tol­ogy. This is God’s Vi­sion as He Ends this world and Be­gins a new one.

By know­ing God’s True Es­cha­tol­ogy, Chris­tians can more im­me­di­ate­ly iden­ti­fy false prophe­cies. Every false prophe­cy and ide­ol­o­gy lies by claim­ing to be the her­ald and means by which you and hu­man­i­ty will en­ter into a new age. Cap­i­tal­ism, com­mu­nism, fem­i­nism, sci­en­tifism, every -ism all say that if we fol­low them or some com­bi­na­tion of them (polyide­ol­o­gy or in­ter­sec­tion­al­i­ty), they will be unto us the wa­ter of life. “Fol­low us,” they say, “we will end world hunger, heal the na­tions, bring more life and give you jus­tice against the wicked.” Have you not heard the same words from the mouths of your politi­cians and mass me­dia? Es­sen­tial­ly, these false prophets are copy­ing what the dev­il said in Eden, “You don’t need God. Just fol­low this -ism and the world will be bet­ter.”

But the be­liev­er, by study­ing and know­ing God’s Prophe­cies, The True Es­cha­tol­ogy, im­me­di­ate­ly rec­og­nizes that these ide­olo­gies are false. Heal­ing only flows from One Throne Rev­e­la­tion 22:1. The Jus­ti­fi­ca­tion of those who be­lieve in Je­sus flows from His Veins alone Rev­e­la­tion 7:14, 12:10-11. The ever­last­ing con­dem­na­tion of sin and the sin­ner comes only from His Mouth AlonePsalms 2:9, Isa­iah 11:4, 63:1-3, Rev­e­la­tion 14:19-20, 19:15, 17-21. The new cre­ation is the Holy Work of Je­sus Christ AloneRev­e­la­tion 21:5. Yet where is the be­liev­er who right­ly reads and stud­ies in or­der to right­ly read Isa­iah, Ezekiel, Je­re­mi­ah, Daniel, Habakkuk, Zechari­ah, 2 Pe­ter and Rev­e­la­tion?! Where is the be­liev­er who even reads the Bible? It is no won­der then that we are so eas­i­ly swayed.

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