night from the swarm

This series of articles began like an ideological taxonomy. We examined macroscopic characteristics unique to false prophecies and ideologies so that their falseness might be easily identified. We then placed these false ideologies under a microscope to demonstrate the individual atoms of morality composing them. Armed with knowledge of these invariants, it should now be easier to identify false ideologies and develop strategies to escape their grasp. For example, by constantly remembering that all human beings must be valued according to Christ’s Atonement for their sins, you easily avoid ideologies encouraging you to reduce men and women to nothing more than their money, or color or gender.

Yet this knowledge serves only to defend the mind and perhaps occasionally riposte ideological rhetoric. To truly cast down these false imaginations and high places, we must go on the offense by becoming violently obedient to Jesus Christ 2 Cor 10:5-6, Matthew 11:12. Through obedience, our arguments become supplications, our lofty opinions become humble praise Philippians 4:6, our false ideologies crumble to ash as holy ones grow in their place.

The Birth of an ideology

Despite the impression these articles have given, false ideologies are not built up, scientifically engineered, with atoms of morality. Yes, since Adam and Eve ate from the tree, every single thought and action we undertake is constructed from selfish morality and not God’s goodness. However, most of the time, we cannot penetrate the veil of behavior to see and then articulate the underlying immorality. Instead, Psalms 36:1-4 Teaches that false ideologies, even Babylon herself, are emergent properties of the sinful heart. False ideologies will emerge whenever the prophet continues in sin. The false prophet does not begin by planning his false prophesies. All he does is sin and by sin the ideologies emerge according to the steps laid out in Psalms 36:1-4.

Psalms 36:1 Transgression speaks to the wicked deep in his heart; there is no fear of God before his eyes. 2 For he flatters himself in his own eyes that his iniquity cannot be found out and hated. 3 The words of his mouth are trouble and deceit; he has ceased to act wisely and do good. 4 He plots trouble while on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he does not reject evil.

In Genesis 1, God Reveals that everything in creation is composed from atoms of morality; particularly goodness because He Is Good. Through Psalms 36:1, in conjunction with Romans 14:23, The Word Shows us that every action has a moral nature. Your actions shape time and space to reflect your morality, your knowledge of good and evil. Do you fear God and read His Word to obtain His Knowledge of good and evil? Or do you selfishly create your own morality like Adam, Eve and the devil? The morality you impart as you act determines whether your deed is sin against God or obedience to God. Psalms 36:1 continues by saying that your actions speak to your heart. Every action is either an altar speaking to the depths of your heart about the fear of The Lord or an idol speaking to the depths of your heart about unbelief in God. Since the morality of your actions comes from your heart and, through your actions, speaks to your heart, then all your actions are meditations of your heart.

The actions need not be physical. Your imagination, a gift from God, is a sandbox, a theater, where your heart re-en_acts_ old deeds or riffs on previous experiences to iterate new scenes. This is what happens when you dream and, even while awake, you must dream in order to think. Each re-enactment and riff, experienced as thoughts and emotions, is an action expressing a morality. Consider also that imagination is always a communal affair. Have you not noticed that you think and talk to yourself?! When friends, societies or nations engage in group imaginary activity it becomes more discernible that imagination is language. Whether as simple as a silent shrug, loud as a single word or complex as the soliloquies of Macbeth, language is a space where communities collaborate to recount old actions and try out new ones. Putting it all together, we can now see that actions, whether physical, mental, emotional or vocal, are forms of language. Consequently, actions are imagination. When things are so interconnected that they express the same thing, it is no wonder that those who obey God become more intelligent. Actions do not speak louder than words. Actions are words arising from and speaking to the heart of the individual or community. This is a sword in the heart of false ideology of decisionism. It also lays to rest the ire raised against eternal security. A person cannot repent with their mouth and not their hands. That is double mindedness which is sin. Whether with mind, mouth or hands, we meditate, even when we sleep, with our deeds Joshua 1:8. Did not Jesus Say in Matthew 12:36-37 that every idle word shall be judged? Or that we would give account for every word we speak?

When an action speaks, the heart listens by physically or mentally repeating the action. For example, when you give to the poor, obedience speaks to your heart and you listen by giving to the same poor person again. Or, your repetition might look more like iteration when you invite your neighbors to give as well. Out The Meditations of God on His Goodness, He Gives His Law. The deed repeated, like the first deed, also speaks to the heart and the listening heart repeats the deed over and over and over again. This process of listening through repetition/iteration is called meditation. With each repetition of transgression or obedience, the words spoken become more audible and complex so that eventually the wicked hurry to build Babylon Genesis 11:4,9, Revelations 18:2 while the obedient will wait for Zion Isaiah 58:12, Hebrews 11:10, Revelations 21:2. But long before Babylon congeals from the blood of saints or Zion descends from heaven, the meditation of the listening heart produces ideologies.

False prophet: brief histories

Out of greed, you steal from the coffers or receive money from the sheep against God’s Spirit and Word. The transgression speaks to your heart and you are only restrained by the donkey of conscience and reputation. But your heart continues listening to your sin and as you re-enact your theft over and over in your mind, you discover how to steal without getting caught. The next time you steal, your conscience tearfully accuses you of evil. But at night, on your bed, your desire for more seduces you and you seek to sin while hiding from your conscience. Words like, “look at the stuff we bought” or “the congregation doesn’t pay you enough” cannot sedate it. So you go to the Bible and in evil epiphany, you discover, “Doesn’t God Want me to be wealthy and prosperous?” Your preaching degenerates as you twist God’s Word. No longer do you emphasize The Gospel; Jesus Christ, our sin and His Atonement. Instead, to more easily fleece the sheep, you sedate them with the words you used to sedate your conscience. You prophesy to them, “God Wants you to be healthy and wealthy.” And great numbers of goats and not a few duped sheep are added to the congregation. They give and give and you take and take and tie millstones around little necks. Over time, forgetting Christ, you use His Name to garnish the mass that congeals from your mouth which the people now call “the prosperity gospel.”

Tired of grace and the absolute dependence on God, you prefer to be justified by your demonic adherence to eating this and not that 1 Tim 4:1-4, Col 2:20-23. Eventually, like all the other Sabbatarian cults, you begin to preach that God wants us to follow all the ceremonial laws, have church on Saturday and deny that Jesus Is God.

Hungry for power Acts 8:18-24 and angry when the true church disciplines you, you write down fake visions in a fake language and claim that they came from an angel. Brazenly name your congregation after yourself or after the demon that gave you the vision or blasphemously call your congregation Jehovah witnesses.

From lust and sexual immorality emerges the ersatz charismaticism that uses claims of mystical power and authority to seduce and threaten the women and wives in your church 2 Tim 3:6.

From being ashamed of Christ and wanting the approval of men, you preach the false ideology called silence and seek unity by silencing preachers of Christ The Truth. If you do speak, you twist biblical principles to become a “christian scientist” prophesying peace where there is no peace Ezekiel 13:10, Jeremiah 6:14 and telling people, “Name it and claim it” or “God Wants you to live your best life now.”

Over and over, from sin to ideology to Babylon, same song, same verse. Yet, we should not be most worried about the false prophet or cult leader or politician or the media. Pray for them. They are sinners in desperate need of His Grace and, like you, unless they repent, they will be burned by His Fire Revelation 20:9. Therefore, worry rightly about the beast to come Revelations 13:1-3 by praying fervently for God To Redeem the beast you see daily in the mirror. Like the false prophet, my heart, your heart, by sin listens to sin and becomes the womb of false ideologies. Every second we are giving birth. At our breasts we nourish these ideologies and seat them at our table to consume our children and marriages. Like a spider to the fly, we invite our neighbors for dinner and teach them doctrines of demons 1 Timothy 4:1-5 that they might learn to devour us as well Matthew 23:15. From neighbor to neighbor, we invite our society into our imagination by flaunting affairs and parading “pride”. And as our society meditates on sin through movies, books, and deeds that sear our conscience, our sins rise up to heaven Genesis 15:16, 18:20. From these gory meditations congeal false ideologies with highfalutin names like atheism, capitalism, communism, feminism, chauvinism, racism, sexual liberation and, of course, “love”. Whenever you see ideologies eloquently expressed in the media, know that it is already too late. Ideas are not well expressed until behavior has been entrenched in the heart. Now you may see why God Commanded Death for certain sins and the excommunication of those who refuse to repent. Swine possessed by legion, clad in faux sophistication, we false prophets rush by sin to drown in the sea of false ideology.

“His divine power has granted to us all things that per­tain to life and god­li­ness, through the knowl­edge of him who called us to his own glory and excel­lence”
- 2 Peter 1:3

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