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April 15, 2020The Sovereign God In our last chap­ter, we dis­cussed how ide­olo­gies are emer­gent prop­er­ties of sin and sin­ful­ness. As for how sin en­tered into the world, not more can be said than, “Sin en­tered into the world by sin.” We know that be­cause of our sin, God Pun­ish­es us with evil by With­draw­ing His good­ness from us. And yet, in His Mer­cy, God Min­is­ters good­ness to all and Re­strains our mad­ness to keep us from be­ing con­sumed in evil . There­fore, chil­dren still laugh, the sun still shines and there is still fel­low­ship among peo­ple. This Grace by Which God Re­strains and Bless­es the world is known col­lec­tive­ly as Com­mon Grace. With­out His Grace, Adam would have been child­less or his chil­dren would have al­ready plunged the w...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
March 26, 2020night from the swarm This se­ries of ar­ti­cles be­gan like an ide­o­log­i­cal tax­on­o­my. We ex­am­ined macro­scop­ic char­ac­ter­is­tics unique to false prophe­cies and ide­olo­gies so that their false­ness might be eas­i­ly iden­ti­fied. We then placed these false ide­olo­gies un­der a mi­cro­scope to demon­strate the in­di­vid­ual atoms of moral­i­ty com­pos­ing them. Armed with knowl­edge of these in­vari­ants, it should now be eas­i­er to iden­ti­fy false ide­olo­gies and de­vel­op strate­gies to es­cape their grasp. For ex­am­ple, by con­stant­ly re­mem­ber­ing that all hu­man be­ings must be val­ued ac­cord­ing to Christ’s Atone­ment for their sins, you eas­i­ly avoid ide­olo­gies en­cour­ag­ing you to re­duce men and women to noth­ing more than th...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
March 03, 2020the face of your deceiver Is there more to say than what God Has Said? Is there more to do than mar­vel at His Grace? All we can do is ap­ply The Gospel of God, The Balm of Gilead to our lives that our eyes might be opened and we might see. False ide­olo­gies, ly­ing about the fu­ture and the past, claim that they are new. By fail­ing to ac­knowl­edge your sins and Je­sus Christ Who Died for your sins, they de­val­ue and mis­val­ue you and all hu­man be­ings. But like the frog who rode the scor­pi­on, we should not be sur­prised when false ide­olo­gies lie to us. They ab­solute­ly must ut­ter false proph­e­sies and must de­val­ue hu­man be­ings. They can­not help but act ac­cord­ing to the evil moral­i­ties from which they are made; ac­cord­ing to their cre­ato...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
February 27, 2020the goodness of god My broth­er, my sis­ter, these mat­ters I lay be­fore you are dif­fi­cult for me to write about. When I be­gan to write, I did not ex­pect to find my­self at the foun­da­tions of the world. Were I a bet­ter writer, I might more eas­i­ly lay be­fore you the foun­da­tion of the world so that you might eas­i­ly see why all her ed­i­fices are van­i­ty, al­ready lost in the wind. So if you find my words and ideas dif­fi­cult, do not be dis­cour­aged. Go and read the Bible and be­lieve God. At best, and I have not reached it, all I can do is ex­pound on His Word. There­fore, the pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cle laid be­fore you two foun­da­tions. One Is The Cor­ner­stone Laid by God, Mar­velous in our eyes and The Song of all the an­gels . The oth­er is ...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
February 17, 2020the genealogy of morals, a di-lemma In our first ar­ti­cle we ex­plored the fa­cade of false ide­olo­gies and showed that they wear shrouds of false new­ness wo­ven from threads of false es­cha­tol­ogy. The sec­ond ar­ti­cle ex­posed the false val­u­a­tion of men and women that lies at the heart of every every false ide­ol­o­gy. 1 False new­ness, 2 false es­cha­tol­ogy and 3 false val­u­a­tion can only be seen as false when we shine His Word upon the ide­ol­o­gy. These are but the leaves of the weed. It is also by His Word that we know there are roots we must still de­mol­ish. As we pro­ceed, you will ob­serve more and more that His Word Chal­lenges us con­cern­ing things un­not­i­ca­bly ba­sic and yet vi­tal as air. It is now that we should pay the most at­ten­tion. For...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
February 13, 2020the charnel house rules As pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed, the il­lu­sion of new­ness can be dis­pelled and by read­ing God’s Es­cha­tol­ogy, false es­cha­tolo­gies are eas­i­ly ex­posed. The more dif­fi­cult task is ex­cis­ing our sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to the de­cep­tion of ide­olo­gies. Let us be­gin by con­sid­er­ing the stat­ed goal of fem­i­nism: to bring greater har­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty by pro­mot­ing equal­i­ty be­tween men and women. With­in the church, every re­gen­er­at­ed mind wants to agree with this goal. It is true that there is dishar­mo­ny in hu­man­i­ty and it is true that men of­ten treat women un­right­eous­ly. It seems rea­son­able to say that things would be bet­ter if men and women were at peace with each oth­er. So when we hear that this vague w...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
January 21, 2020golden calves Our goal in this se­ries of ar­ti­cles is to pro­vide gen­er­al pat­terns fol­lowed by false prophe­cies so that you can more eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy them. In the process, we will learn how to pro­tect our souls, our chil­dren and the church from their dead­ly in­flu­ence. The Bible Right­ly Calls false prophets wa­ter­less clouds . The Voice of God Is Deep Thun­der and His Elo­quence Is Glo­ri­ous Rain . But from the mouths of false prophets and an­tichrists come only loud noise and dry rain and their evil words pool in emp­ty wells called ide­olo­gies. De­ceived by the il­lu­sion of wa­tery depths, we lis­ten dili­gent­ly to these shal­low fa­bles only to be filled with even greater thirst. For here is the great se­cret of ide­olo­gies:...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
September 17, 2018overcoming god is the day Ja­cob died and Is­rael took his first breath. There are many, many things to say about this pas­sage. We could for ex­am­ple ask our­selves as we read, “Have I wres­tled with God and won?” Or we could talk about how Is­rael is an al­tar, a wrestling and plead­ing with The Holy God. Are you an al­tar? We could talk about the jar­ring sud­den­ness of verse 24. How does Ja­cob, across the bridge of a mild semi­colon, go from be­ing alone to wrestling with God into death and res­ur­rec­tion? How does Ja­cob know to ask for a bless­ing in verse 26? Could it be that we can only know God’s Na­ture through striv­ing with Him? Could it be that in some strug­gles, we do not wres­tle against flesh and blood or even pow­ers and prin­ci...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
July 30, 2018names that fade Small hand in big hand, Joel walks down the street wear­ing his fa­ther’s left palm like an over­sized mit­ten. Al­ready a mas­ter at dodg­ing the large dan­ger­ous chasms in the side walk, Joel’s eyes be­gin to wan­der in search for some­thing in­ter­est­ing. “Dad­dy, who is that?” And his dad, fol­low­ing the path of his fin­ger, replies, “Oh, that’s Mr. Smith.” Un­in­ter­est­ed in this un­in­ter­est­ing an­swer, Joel asks, “Who’s Mr. Smith?” His dad paus­es, re­mem­ber­ing the day his friend, James Smith, walked down the aisle and gave his life to Je­sus. He re­mem­bers Mr. Smith’s sub­se­quent bat­tle to be free from al­co­hol, the many awards he won for his teach­ing and the long nights spent at his house weep­ing with him af­ter h...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
April 25, 2018the vinedresser In John 15 Je­sus in­structs us on how to be His dis­ci­ples. He be­gins by say­ing, “I Am The True Vine and My Fa­ther Is The Vine­dress­er.” So far we have shown that the roots of dis­ci­ple­ship are an­chored high far be­yond the heav­ens in The Holy Trin­i­ty. Not only this. Through The True Vine, by the Pow­er of The Holy Spir­it, we be­come sons of God The Fa­ther. Let us high­light a few things Je­sus is say­ing about Him­self by Nam­ing God Fa­ther. Be­got­ten. Je­sus says He Is The Son of God. Je­sus is not a prod­uct of us. He Is Be­got­ten of God and there­fore He Pos­sess­es His Fa­ther’s Na­ture. Like His Fa­ther God, Je­sus Is with­out be­gin­ning or end. Je­sus Is The Son of God Who Is God. Dis­ci­ple. As Eli­jah as­cen...Ifeoluwapo EleyinafeIfeoluwapo Eleyinafe
April 12, 2018rules for sanding wood Af­ter I grad­u­at­ed col­lege, I moved from my child­hood home to a place where I could count how many peo­ple I knew on one hand. I was Miss In­de­pen­dent. I moved into an apart­ment and start­ing scav­eng­ing the in­ter­net for deals on fur­ni­ture. I end­ed up with a an­tique dress­er set that was stur­dy, but it had a very ugly col­or. I de­cid­ed to take it upon my­self to sand it down and restain it. I mean how hard could that real­ly be? I got the sand­pa­per and went crazy on the dress­er. Af­ter, I ap­plied the stain and let the piece dry. I re­mem­ber look­ing at it and think­ing how much ugli­er it looked. The front of the draw­ers looked scratched and a to­tal­ly dif­fer­ent shade than what the sides of the dress­er were. ...Kearsten EleyinafeKearsten Eleyinafe
April 12, 2018hide and seek When I was younger, I re­mem­ber one time specif­i­cal­ly that I got in trou­ble while I was be­ing babysat. I was a prod­uct of 1990’s car­toons and want­ed to see if slip­ping on a ba­nana peel ac­tu­al­ly worked. I put one by my sis­ter when she was prac­tic­ing her bal­let and she stepped on it and fell. I quick­ly ran to my room and hid un­der my cov­ers. I promise I was not laugh­ing. My babysit­ter at the time came into my room and start­ed say­ing loud­ly, “Where is Kearsten?”. I thought I was so clever to avoid her wrath and pun­ish­ment by hid­ing. Look­ing back on it now, she was call­ing me out and but she knew where I was the whole time (the child-size lump un­der the sheets real­ly gave it away). There is no hid­ing from ...Kearsten EleyinafeKearsten Eleyinafe
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